Friday, September 08, 2006

I Have No Butt

I have no butt. Well, I have somewhat of a curve and it isn't as bad as most white women (thank god!) but it is not as bootylicious as I would like it to be. I'm pointing this out because of two reasons: I spent a lot of time at the International AIDS Conference with African women who made fun of my butt and it is hard to find a decent pair of pants that I can fill out properly in the booty area.

It was lovely meeting all the African women at the AIDS Conference and it was refreshing to be shown a different standard of beauty. Skinny little things aka models are not considered attractive in most of Africa but Africans love their zaftig women. They especially love women with big curves. No point in being big if you don't have curves because what would you grab onto? Of course, at my measily 98 pound weight I'm not considered much of a catch. Now I have to clarify what I mean by attractive zaftig women as I had penned a previous post about obesity and really fat people - Big African women are beautiful because they are healthy and eat proper portions and exercise. They can actually move around and they carry their weight well. Obese people in America are different because the fat gained is not healthy and I am disgusted at the way they advocate for benefits and welfare for totally preventable diseases.

But getting back to my butt, it is a sad little thing. I would post pictures but it would be too obscene. I guess there are lovers of all body types out there so I'm hoping there are many lovers of small butts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a lover of all sizes - esp the butt - Fat, flat, wide, or thin like a slide. Please show a pic of your butt and let us know that you are proud of what you have. I know a flat butt is not a showy thing being that curves makes a man appreciate a woman. But then again who are we to dictate what is showy or not.

Be proud of your butt, girl. As a Black man who is writing this, I will appreciate it.

By the way I am a Native New Yorker born in Queens and raised in the Bronx but now reside in Bklyn and you stole my Blog title

Still trying to think of one....

10/18/2006 2:22 AM  

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